Travel For Lovers Logo Template

Travel For Lovers Logo Template


Download our awesome travel logo template for free. This logo is good for a travel location, like a motel. Are you looking for a panda logo design template? The sweet-spirited Panda looks like a teddy bear, but that doesn’t mean its spiritual aptitudes are all fuzzy and soft. In fact, Panda has a single-minded strength that comes from keeping four paws firmly planted in terra-firma. Eastern cultures regard Panda as a symbol of peace and good fortune. When Panda appears, you may find your whole outlook on life becoming brighter. The Panda spirit often works on the heart chakra so that you can love more fully, including yourself. Panda’s mantra could well boil down to: “Your feelings matter. Don’t dismiss them.” In nature Panda uses its natural awareness to remain tuned into its surrounding. It does not like chaos, so when you work with Panda energy you also have to find that calm center. Being aware of the vibrations around you is different than surrendering to them. 

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