The Importance of Color in Logo Design

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The Importance of Color in Logo Design



Every successful business owner knows the importance of a food logo for their restaurant or food manufacturing facility. A good food logo is more than just a pretty presentation of a company or a brand. It is a key factor that tells a story of a thousand words with just an image. A food logo must always evoke the right emotions and the right message in your desired customers. The colors of your logo can serve as potential powerful psychological triggers to make costumers believe that your services are the best in the moment they laid eyes on your company’s food logo.

Here are the best examples for food logo colors, and what is it that they evoke in the minds of the costumers:

Emotions: Love, Anger, Aggression, Passion, Sexuality, Intensity

Red is the most used color in logos with a wide range of emotions. Red can intensify or evoke passion in your customers, subconsciously making them more passionate about your company’s ideals and products. One thing is for sure is that red is not known to relax or calm down. Many restaurants use lighter shades of red as they are feeding off a potential costumer’s desire to eat that kind of food or to get that immediate service. Many fast food restaurants have red in their logo like: KFC, Heinz, Burger King; but also some refreshing drinks also use the red color for their company’s identity like  The Coca Cola Company. 
For example in 2006, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) launched a new logo, changing the Colonel's appearance so he was pictured with a new, red apron. So why did they make the decision to revamp their logo? They wanted the image of the Colonel to be clearer and more energizing. The new, rejuvenated logo demonstrated an excitement and readiness to cook and serve. This is the direction they decided to go with their logo, and made full use of the power that the color red has in a food logo design.

Emotions: Cheer, Joy, Energy, Caution, Sickness 

Yellow is naturally a bright color so you will usually find it evokes more of the happy emotions than any others. However, like orange, yellow finds itself powerless to change it’s meaning even with darker shades. Even the darkest yellow can only make people think of mild sickness or decay. It’s for this reason it’s deemed a simpler, more childish color. 
As such it is generally more appropriate for family friendly businesses such as water parks, family restaurants, toy, shops, etc. Famous restaurants that use yellow color for their logo design are:  Yellow Cab Pizza Co., Mc Donald’s 

Emotions: Harmony, Fresh, Ambition, Greed 

Green is  usually a color associated with finance, greed, nature and safety. Health food logos are usually well established with the color green. Famous logos that contain green in their logo design are Starbucks, Girl Scouts and Whole Foods.

A study has shown that people make approximately 60- 90 % of their decisions about selecting a particular brand based on color alone. So prudent color use in the design of a logo can not only contribute to differentiating products from competitors, but also influencing moods and feelings- positively or negatively- and therefore the attitude towards certain products. Given that our feelings are unstable and that colors play a big role in formatting attitude, it is important that logo designers understand the importance of color in the decision making of customers.

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