Pathfinder in CorelDraw

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In this tutorial you will learn how pathfinder works in CorelDRAW.


Every time when 2 ore more objects are selected, a new menu will apear on the Propery Bar.


Combine (Ctrl+L)

Combine objects into a single object with common properties.





Combine objects into a single curve object with a single fill and outline.






Cut out a portion of an object by using the shape of another object.


The first shape selected cuts the second shape selected.

In this example we have selected the big circle first.


As you can see, in next example, the small circle is selected first.


Works with two or more objects simultaneous. 
The last shape selected will be cut by all the objects that were selected before him.





Create an area from the object where two or more object overlap






Trim overlapping areas among objects.



Simpify is similar to trim. Works with two ore more objects selected simultaneous.It does not count what object is selected first.

Every object from the selection will cut all the objects behind it. 



Front minus back

Remove the back object from the front object.




Back minus front

Remove the front object from the back of the object.




Create boundary

Create a new object that surrounds the selected objects.



Similar to weld. The difference is that it creates a new object. 
Does not affect the shapes slected.


Very useful when there are many shapes selected. 

As you can see in the next example, using the boundary pathfinder the result is better.

And sometimes using the weld in this situation, CorelDraw crashes or you get a result with gliches.



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