How to make a Neon Sign effect in CorelDraw

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How to make a Neon Sign effect in CorelDraw?


1. Create four layers.

Windows -> Dockers - Object Manager
For easy recognitionset, set different names for layers.


In the first layer we have the wall image as a background.
We will use the second layer to create the effect of night.
In the third layer we will create the light spread effect.
And finally in the last layer we will create the neon text effect.











2. Insert night in the design,

We will create a rectangle with the same size as the background.
Make it black
And with the interactive tool, let's add a fountain fill.
And from the top menu, select elliptical fountain fill.
Change the white color with a color that will fit with the background.
Make it transparent and for the blend mode chose Multiply
Click on the eye icon layer, to hide the dark background.

3. Simulate the spread of light on the wall.

With ellipse tool, create an oval shape.
Chose the color that you want your neon sign to spread.
Let's center the oval with the background.
Make the oval transparent - > Fountain transparency -> Elliptical fountain transparency
And chose the blend mode to Overlay.
With the Oval still selected, hold down shift and select the background.
Intersect both object.
A new oval background was created.
Convert he oval background to Bitmap - Convert to Bitmap and chose color mode Grayscale
Make it transparent -> fountain transparent -> elliptical fountain transparent .
Move it , to the spread light layer ,
underneath the green oval.
We are done with the background effect, let's activate the dark background to see the result.
I think it's look pretty nice? What do you think?

4. Create the neon text effect.

The chosen font it's a bit to slim, I will make it a bit more thicker.
Chose contour - Outside contour  an make it one step
Separate the text from the contour ( Ctrl +K) and delete it.
Fix the glitches by removing some points from the contour.
Chose the color of Neon effect.
And  add 5 steps inside contour.
Play with the size of the contour offset until you are satisfied with the result.
In the next step , we will add shadow , to do this we need to separate the contour  ( Ctrl+K ) and group the shapes ( Ctrl+G )
Chose o color similar with the color chosen for text.
For the blend mode chose Normal.
Set the drop shadow opacity to 70.
And shadow feathering set to 20. 


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