Agriculture Business, did they need a logo?

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Agribusiness, a business in agriculture?

Agribusiness is a term that refers to agriculture, but oddly enough the term is not used in association with actual farms. Instead agribusiness means an agriculturally related business, that supplies seed and farm machinery.

Agribusiness is also used to describe businesses that are involved in the marketing of agricultural products, such as wholesalers, warehouses, retailers, processors and many more.

In our days, the use of Agribusiness has come to be associated with large corporations and companies, that produce questionable non organic products while making sure that other smaller farms, will fail in turning a profit.

Some examples of Agribusiness companies.

Monsanto Company, is a company that manufactures the herbicide called Roundup( also named Glyphosate) and other Roundup related Genetically modified seeds.

The Archer Daniels Midland Company, processes oil seed like canola and soy,processes corn into corn syrup, dextrose and starch, and transports crops both nationally and internationally.

Dow Agro Science manufactures pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and market seeds.

And last but not least, one of the best known examples of companies in the agribusiness field, is the Deere&Company, which is the company that builds John Deere equipment. This company doesn't own farms or food products, but a lot of farmers on at least one piece of their manufactured equipment.

It is possible to major in agribusiness at a lot of colleges and universities around the world and especially in USA. Most degrees in agribusiness focus on the economics of farm management and the science of agricultural management.

Agriculture Business, did they need a logo?
Agribusiness versus Organic Farming.

As a rule of thumb, we hear the term agribusiness often used in contrast to organic agriculture. For example, when someone is talking about large scale commercial agricultural operations, the term agribusiness will come up.

In reality, small family farms and smaller businesses, often believe they have to compete with large agribusiness companies. There is a feeling among small farmers that they are an endangered species, due to the encroachment of agribusiness and corporate farms.

However small organic farms often use agribusiness products( John Deere tractors or other tools made by large companies). In reality small organic farms are not really competing with large agribusiness companies because usually they do not appeal to the same market or the same clients.

If you are interested in organic farming, that is very smart form your part.  In recent times organic producers experience and benefit form a lot of advantages that conventional growers do not.

Horticulture and organic food production are now the fastest growing segments of agriculture.

The benefits of organic farming are numerous, but just to name a few:

* Lower initial investment 
Starting an organic production is not without costs. unlike traditional farming, organic certification will be an issue an you may need to invest in better land and superior special equipment. Typically farming organically doesn't require the same capital investment that conventional farming does. Especially when we take in consideration how expensive massive amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified seed stock can be. as an organic farmer you can avoid these costs. 

*Ecological Benefits
Organic production is not to be confused with eco- friendly production. Eco and organic are not the same thing. As an organic producer, you will experience so ecological perks such as: water conservation and protection, reduced use of fuel and fertilizer, improved protected biodiversity, eliminated risk of toxic substances.

*Healthier Soil 

Healthy soil is considered to be an eco-friendly benefit of organic farming. 

*Drought resistant crops
Organic crops are known to be more resistant than conventional crops. this is because chemical fertilizers are water soluble so you need more water to grow conventionally.
Recent research has shown that we may be facing extreme drought issues within just 30 years, and drought resistant crops may be in high demand in the future.

*Educational benefits
It is tough to stay on top of all the new research and news all the time, but in the end, what happens is that you will learn a lot. This keeps your mind working, ideas fresh and allows you to benefit from further education from plenty of local workshops, colleges or programs that are at your disposal. 
It is always a good idea to have a career where you'll learn new skills all the time.

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