A Cleaning Logo and It's Design. Is a Logo Design Template Enough?

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A Cleaning Logo Design Explained.

Are you designing your own logo for a cleaning company? If the answer is yes then you must know that a logo's true goal is to be an instant visual identifier for your company. A Cleaning logo design must have certain elements to represent the company in the most unique and identifiable way.
A Short Introduction Into the concept of Logo Design and Logo Design Templates.
If you are designing your own logo rest assured that you are not alone doing this. A lot of companies try to design their on logos to save money, by placing their company's name in a circle or another shape or even around some blue bubbles. This is usually a poor design idea because there is no thought process behind this, and the end consumer will not be able to connect with that kind of logo. A logo is more than just the brand name, it represents an identity and stands for making the right impression on the viewer. Your job is to make the right impression. 
Everything about a logo design from the shape, color, size direction and readability has a huge impact on how the logo is perceived. 
Make a Decision on How You Want to Be Perceived.
The next step is to narrow it down to the type of cleaning you do. This will be the basis of the design. Are going to be cleaning houses, cars, etc.. Your branding should be clear to your customers and without confusion.
The most important thing is to decide the purpose of the logo. What message do you want to get across to the customers when they see it? A great designer will be sure to ask some questions before he or she will star working on any logo design.
The message behind a good logo 
If you want a domestic cleaning logo, using a broom along with your company's name is for sure not a good idea. This is because there is no message sent across with that image. To learn from a famous example of logo we can look at the Apple company logo. It represents an apple with a bite taken from it. This is a reference to the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the apple with a bite taken out of it represents knowledge. The message set across is that the Apple company is the representation of knowledge and by buying their products you take a bite out of the fruit of knowledge.
To take just another example we can see the Mr Clean logo. He is portrayed as a strong man, clean shaven wearing clean white clothes. Notice all the visual cues for clean? 
The Most Important Elements of Logo Design
In conclusion there is no standard that makes a logo to be good or bad. However there are some elements that make a logo to be effective at sending across a message that has not been said before. 
 * The logo design must be easy to describe
Lets take another look at how easy it is to describe the Apple logo, or the Mr Clean logo.
 * The logo design must be memorable
This is because the company must be recognized easily at just the site of the logo and the company's policies can be sent across with just an image.
 * The logo design must be scalable
This means that the small sample image can look just as good on a keychain or on a big billboard ad.
Lastly the logo must look good with the color taken out of it. This is where sketching in pencil is always a good idea.
* Don't copy competitors
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